Technology for Fun

This project is developed for and supported by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, to help enthuse primary aged children about STEM. The fan boats project allows pupils to design, make, test and improve a product whilst relating to electricity, materials and forces in the primary curriculum. It is great fun and allows plenty of scope for coming up with individual designs.

Fan Boats in Primary Schools Project

fan boats

Here is a quote from a head teacher involved: “Absolutely brilliant! The children's squeals of delight when they launched their boats was a moment not to be missed. The children said they had 'the best day ever'. They were talking about streamlining and modifying their models and were obviously gripped by the experience.”

The IMechE regions organise sessions for training volunteers and STEM Ambassadors, who are

then provided with a Class Pack and encouraged to make contact with their local primary school

in order to run the activity.


From January 2020 any STEM Ambassador who has used their Fan Boat or Brush Monster Class Pack can replenish used items for free by completing and submitting the forms at the links opposite.

This scheme has been kindly organised by Paul Treble and sponsored by the Institute of Physics.

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